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about us

Tumbalanthropy. C'mon, you smiled. And so did we when our good friend, Cyrus Copeland, suggested it. It seemed appropriate since our goal is to bring smiles.

In small but important ways, tumbalina gives back to our community when we can make a direct and meaningful impact. We are passionate about the projects below and want to share them with you:

Locks of Love before and after picsLocks of Love
This is a special organization. So...when 13 inches of long hair, which took Oak (our founder) three years to grow, was gone in a matter of seconds, she smiled. Her "locks of love" were made into a wig that will bring a smile to a little boy or girl recovering from cancer. For more information on donating to Locks of Love, go to www.locksoflove.org.

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Country Children's Center
This has been our favorite project. Country Children's Center (CCC) is a local non-profit children's day care center for working parents in Bedford and Lewisboro, NY and provides 400 children with lots of fun and love every single day. We took a plain, blank hallway in one of the locations and painted a mural of a farm scene that was colorful, whimsical AND contained ducks! (they have 3 pet ducks on-site). Click here to see how our mural turned out!
Relay for Life logo
Relay for Life
This nationwide fundraiser began with one man taking it upon himself to raise money to support the efforts of the American Cancer Society. Now, more than 20 years later, more than 3 million Americans participate in this event. At tumbalina, we are proud to say, we were also there. Over 750 tumbalina cards were donated to over 150 cancer survivors who participated in the event, as a simple way to say thank you.
John F. Kennedy Catholic High School Logo

John F. Kennedy Catholic High School
For two consecutive years, we are proud to have participated in Kennedy's holiday fundraiser. Our products were auctioned with other donated products and helped to raise over $65,000 for their academic and athletic programs.

Bedford Hills Library Book Bag
Bedford Hills Free Library
Our local town library asked us to design a canvas eco bag for them to use as a fundraiser. How could we refuse?
Town of Bedford Logo
Town of Bedford, NY
Then, how could we say no to our town? Especially for the town's Tree Advisory Board.
Women at Colgate logo
Yes, Another dreaded logo design request! Lynn, (our dear friend and Colgate Alumnae), This one is for you.

Colgate University LogoColgate University
Our cards can also be found at our founder's alma mater bookstore at Colgate University. 100% of all proceeds from sale of the cards are donated back to Colgate University's Annual Fund. So if you find yourself in Hamilton, NY, go check out the Colgate bookstore, buy a tumablina card, and contribute to the Annual Fund.

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